Oh! You pretty things

Well.. Dylan..


Well.. Dylan..


"Okay, here’s what it is, I’ve been thinking, I don’t know much about relationships. I definitely don’t know anything about love; I can’t believe I talked like I did, I don’t. All I want, like in the world, is to just keep talking to you. I wanna to know how your day was, where you wanna eat, and I wanna argue with you. And I wanna hear all your theories, even the ones that are completely, you know, wrong. And I know it’s not that simple, but I just think- no, I really believe if you just, if you’d just be willing to continue having this conversation with me, then we can figure the rest out." -Dave

[UHQ] Actor Tyler Posey photo bombs actor Tyler Hoechlin at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles, California April 13, 2014.


Count Cain - Godchild by Kaori Yuki


Dylan + Behind the scenes of photoshoots

 Holland Roden on what it was like kissing the guys in Teen Wolf


When you grow to like characters that you know are going to die. 

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